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Con tacones y a lo loco / Crazy in High Heels
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Con tacones y a lo loco / Crazy in High Heels


Let anyone who hasn’t done one of the following cast the first stone:

- Turned your closet upside down on a Saturday night because you have nothing to wear.

- Looked yourself up on Google.

- Postponed a diet ‘until next Monday’.

- Sought out an ex to show them how well you’ve got over the break-up.

- Gone to a sale intending to buy a few basics and ended up leaving more weighed down with bags than Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

- Made yourself miserable trying to replicate the healthy lifestyle you see on fitness blogs. 

The author can identify with all this and she skewers these situations and more until we’re laughing our heads off. Love, fashion, diets, studying and work, life 2.0... nothing escapes the illustration talents of Clarilou.

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Clarilou’s illustrations are sweet, humorous shots of life as a woman in the 21st Century: she makes ironic comments about stereotypes, satirizing them so that we can feel comfortable with our imperfection.

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Publishing date: | 240 pages | ISBN: 978-84-16489-49-7