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When You Read This Letter
Original title: Cuando leas esta carta
Category: Fiction | General Fiction

When You Read This Letter

Original title: Cuando leas esta carta
Category: Fiction | General Fiction

Victor has hung up his coat and stethoscope and will say goodbye to his surgery, for a year at least. He needs to come to terms with the recent death of his wife but also to recover his faith in medicine and confidence in himself. In search of solitude, he sets out on a trip to the north of Morocco, where he witnesses an unusual event: at a construction site, a digger unearths a mass grave full of the remains of Spanish soldiers who were massacred in the Battle of Annual in 1921. But Victor finds something else which he will take back with him as an inoffensive memento. It is a sealed bottle containing a letter; the last words of one Captain Gimeno, who, knowing that he was about to die, wrote to his lover. And without even reading it, Victor feels that he must do whatever it takes to deliver that letter. So begins his adventure through Spain’s recent history, tracing the lives of strangers with the help of a curious private detective and especially Claudia, an army captain stationed in Melilla who may well be the woman to help him on the path to recovery from his sadness.

Beginning at the end of the Spanish war in the North of Morocco and running through to the present day, Cuando leas esta carta is the chronicle of a love story that endures the ravages of time and war. This is a gripping novel that will move readers everywhere.

The book effectively combines two narratives, set in the past and present, leading the reader to empathize with the protagonist and convincingly recreating important but little known events in Spanish history.

Combines aspects from historical novels, dramas, love stories and even thrillers.

Extremely addictive, a novel to read in one sitting.

Rights sold

Longanesi (Italy), Karakter (The Netherlands).

International editions

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-233-2634-1 | Imprint: Ediciones Destino