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Dispara a la luna / Shoot the Moon
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Dispara a la luna / Shoot the Moon


Lola MacHor receives an unexpected text message from Juan Iturri, an Interpol inspector in Lyon. It only consists of a couple of enigmatic references but her instinct tells her that her friend is in danger. Meanwhile, at the President’s office, a letter is received bearing the seal of the Organization, which claims to have kidnapped Iturri. Having listed their demands, they say they will kill him in a week if they aren’t met. Villegas, the top Spanish anti-terrorism expert on French soil, is put in charge of the case while Lola’s determination gets her a place on the team. They have four days to free Iturri, but nothing is what it seems

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The return of Lola MacHor.

Winner of the 2016 Azorin Prize

This is Lola MacHor at her best and will be sure to please her readers, who enjoy herhumourand discerning taste and understand her complex ties to JuanIturriand the scars that lie beneath her anger and thirst for vengeance.

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Publishing date: | 608 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-15421-1