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Dictatorial DNA
Original title: El ADN dictador
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Dictatorial DNA

Original title: El ADN dictador

The prestigious scientist Miguel Pita slips inside the brain of Ale, an ordinary human, and joins him for a day in his life. In this book, we’ll accompany Ale as he takes the lift, goes to work and goes out on a date.

This unusual experiment will help us to understand to what degree our DNA determines our existence and how we really work. Everything from why we go crazy for sweets to how far our proclivities for happiness, depression and intelligence are pre-determined. Do we really have a free choice over who we fall in love with? Is infidelity hereditary? Do your genes determine which diseases you will suffer from? In short: are we born or made? 

The truth is that whether we like it or not, nature has left a secret plan inside of us: we all come installed with a control microchip. Our DNA determines how every part of our body is made and all of our physiological reactions: from hormonal changes to digestion via what happens in our brain... 

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From the moment we get up, our everyday lives are determined by tiny dictatorial genes. Do you dare find out about the choices your genes make for you?

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Publishing date: | 350 pages | ISBN: 978-84-344-2570-5 | Imprint: Editorial Ariel