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El caso Ruglons / The Ruglons Case
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El caso Ruglons / The Ruglons Case


Maruja Sanz is a young woman of humble origins, originally from Valgonzález, a small town near Segovia. At the end of the sixties she decides to leave her past behind, with the ambition of starting anew in a different world, supposedly much better, and raising her social rank. So she leaves her hometown to study law in Madrid, and there she meets Jordi Ruglons, «The Catalan», a young man from a wellto- do family in Barcelona, the son of a notary, and he falls in love with her. She will seduce him and finally achieves to marry him, reaching her dreams of social and economic success.

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Highlights The Ruglons Case


A mystery novel where the author plays deftly with the bright and the dark in human souls.

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Publishing date: | 272 pages | ISBN: 978-84-15325-92-5