The Astaroth Codex
Original title: El códice Astaroth

The Astaroth Codex

Original title: El códice Astaroth

Laura and Gabriel hate each other, but they are forced to spend their summer together, a month that looks like it will be a long and dull one, but that will finally turn out to be thrilling and dangerous, in a place full of legends featuring a lost book, a ship adrift, an old ruined abbey, a dead man, and a young monk who will have to face a terrible decision...

Titles in the series:
- The Class Where I Fell in Love With You
- The Music on the Wind
- The God's Gold
- Interior Zones
- The Hypotenuse Crime

Highlights The Astaroth Codex


An adventure story with monks, abbeys and a terrible mystery.

The author has written a love and friendship story that catches the reader quickly with its interesting plot.

Technical data

Publishing date: | 224 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-09911-6 | Imprint: Planetalector