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El siglo de la revolución / The Century of Revolution. A History of the World from 1914
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El siglo de la revolución / The Century of Revolution. A History of the World from 1914


The Century of Revolution proposes a reexamination of the hundred years since the 1917 Russian Revolution to discover the extent to which obsessive fear of revolution lay behind so much that occurred in the world at that time, giving rise to such diverse alternatives as fascism or the “reformism of fear,” which, associated with the Big Lie of the Cold War, made possible, in the decades following the Second World War, the growth of the welfare state and a long period of social peace. Everything changed some forty years ago, when the decline of the Soviet Union and the crisis of the Communist Party in its various forms caused old fears to vanish, and the reconquest of power on the part of the dominant classes truly got underway, bringing us to the present situation of economic stagnation and social inequality. The Century of Revolution is a book that follows the course of the past hundred years to give us the keys to understanding the world we live in now.

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“With this book, I hope to help people better understand the world in which we live” Josep Fontana

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Cultural Development Publishing House (China).

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Publishing date: | 808 pages | ISBN: 978-84-16771-50-9