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El Templo de la Luna / The Temple of the Moon
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El Templo de la Luna / The Temple of the Moon


What if the ancient gods had come to earth from other worlds, and were planning to come back to impose their law? A temple that shouldn’t exist collapses in a remote corner of the Egyptian desert, sounding alarm bells at the headquarters of The Corporation, a sinister organisation which operates behind closed doors on the international scene. And so, when young archaeologist Julian Curto is asked to go to Peru to try and locate the royal crown of a legendary civilisation, the seductive Ilse Skorsery, one of the directors of The Organisation, is already hot on his heels. From that moment onwards there’s a relentless race to find the crown and gain control of it. And no wonder: the future of humanity depends on it. Impossible temples, extraterrestrial artefacts, implacable psychopathic gunmen, forgotten papyri, agents of the 4th Reich, secret Inca tunnels in Cuzco… El templo de la luna is a novel of adventures in the widest sense, which at times crosses the boundaries between crime fiction, history and sci-fi.

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Publishing date: | 320 pages | ISBN: 978-84-450-7756-6