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El universo en una taza de café / The Universe in a Cup of Coffee
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El universo en una taza de café / The Universe in a Cup of Coffee


The Universe in a Cup of Coffee reveals the genius that humans have put into practice to investigate the great mysteries of the universe: featuring illustrations, a lot of humour and an entity called ‘italic voice’ that will do its best to ask the questions that occur to us as we read.

Humanity has always been extremely curious about the heavenly firmament. Just one look at the sky has historically brought up questions such as What are stars? Why don’t they fall? Do they shine forever or do they go out? Where does the sun go when it hides behind the horizon? How big is the universe? What is out place in it? Today we have answers to many of these unknowns. We know that we live in one galaxy among billions, that black holes exist, that the universe is of an unimaginable size and that there are planets out there that orbit distant stars. But how did we discover all this?

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Over 5,000 copies sold in Spain

Discover the mysteries of the universe and astronomy

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Beijing Time - Chinese Publishing House (China).

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-493-3168-8

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