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En el nombre del cerdo / In the Name of the Pig
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En el nombre del cerdo / In the Name of the Pig


On the point of retirement, Police Commissioner Pujol begins to investigate his last case: the death of a woman who has been found with her throat cut and her body dismembered as if she had been prepared by a slaughterer. In her mouth a piece of paper is found that reads in capital letters: ‘In the name of the pig’. This is the beginning of a novel that brings together protagonists like the homicide inspector T, various suspects in the case, the town’s local bigwig and Quique Aribau, author of a best-selling novel, to take part in a powerful narrative that combines mystery, psychological depth and irony. Pablo Tusset portrays a society caught between two worlds: between hell and paradise, between good and evil. The book is written with a moving tenderness, with a prodigious perspicacity and with a touch of humour.

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En el nombre del cerdo ensnares the reader in its pages, hypnotized by the intrigue and by the remarkable narrative skill.

Rights sold

Feltrinelli (Italy), Signatuur (The Netherlands), Dom Quixote (Portugal), Opera (Greece), Frankfurter Verlagsanstalt (Germany), Humanitas (Romania), Sanmako (Finland).

Technical data

Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-233-2631-0

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