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En sus manos ardió el bosque / The Forest Burned in Their Hands
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En sus manos ardió el bosque / The Forest Burned in Their Hands


Life is a big play you don’t get to rehearse beforehand. What’s the best way to deal with its unexpected blows? Facing his feelings, Hugo asks himself decisive questions so he can move on and rediscover his sense of hope. During his emotional journey, he will have the typical experiences that one has after they have separated from someone they love. Behind each poem and song featured in this book is a story of love, pain and hope springing forth with inextinguishable force.   

Highlights The Forest Burned in Their Hands


Nuria and I had decided to build our lives together and yet fate, which can always detect a fake, had other plans for us. 

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Publishing date: | 192 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-16121-9