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Escuela de gamers / School of Gamers
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Escuela de gamers / School of Gamers


Fourteen-year-old Rubén receives an invitation to attend a high-performance school where he will be able to further his education in programming and video games, activities that he is enthusiastic about. The opportunity is extraordinary and the young gamer is ready to make the most of it. His classmates - Verkan, Oli, Robin, Flynn -, the subjects he has to learn, the teachers..., at first everything is enormously attractive. However, a series of mysterious situations soon arise and not everything fits together. Suspicions grow that the school is hiding something murky and, at a certain moment, the existence of a plot with far-reaching consequences will become evident.

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Highlights School of Gamers


One of the world’s most famous youtubers stars in this illustrated novel, an adventure with new characters, set in a peculiar school where not everything is what it seems.

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Publishing date: | 260 pages | ISBN: 978-84-9998-615-9

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