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Excusas para no pensar / Excuses to Avoid Thinking
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Excusas para no pensar / Excuses to Avoid Thinking


Clear and entertaining answers to the uncertainties that grip us all, with the usual writing of the best Punset. From the “how did it all begin?” to the summary of formulas that help us being happier in a better world, passing through the keys to our emotions, the complexity of the brain or the secrets of the Earth. Eduardo Punset presents us his clear, entertaining and easy to understand thoughts around these burning questions. And, besides, he expands the domains of his answers to fields that worry us all nowadays, like the economical crisis or the impact of politics in the citizen’s everyday life. Today, more than ever, there are no excuses to avoid thinking.

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Author of a trilogy that embraces the three keys that move the world. In the first book, he claims that happiness is nothing but the lack of fear. In the second one, he suggests that love is nothing but survival instinct. And in the third book, Eduardo Punset has tried to deepen the minds’ ins and outs.

Punset’s books have been translated into English, Croatian, Corean, Italian, Chinese, Catalan, Brazilian Portuguese and Turkish.

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Publishing date: | 288 pages | ISBN: 978-84-233-4413-0

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