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“There’s muck on the ground and it needs to be raked up. The people who do so are essential for the health of a society, but only if they know when to stop...” Inadvertently, President Teddy Roosevelt had coined a term that would end up describing a form of journalism; muckraking, which would lead to the uncovering of scandals such as Watergate and Wikileaks. But who decides when to stop, and why?

The selection made in this book gathers together weekly texts from these pioneers of investigative journalism as well as a complete study of what these muckrakers represented, a set of essential texts for the ‘problematic and turbulent’ times in which we live. 

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A history of muckrakers, pioneering journalists who exposed corruption and abuse in American society at the beginning of the 20th Century.

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Publishing date: | 320 pages | ISBN: 978-84-344-1477-8