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Fleur de sel
Original title: Flor de sal
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Fleur de sel

Original title: Flor de sal

1914. The Great War has just broken out and Julieta Carrión de la Vega has arrived in Bolivia from Spain at sixteen years of age to meet back up with her father, Gonzalo Carrión, who oversees a tin mine in the city of Potosí. Orphaned by her mother, Julieta adores her father, or at least the idyllic image she has of him––but soon, she will have to face the harsh reality. Don Gonzalo uses children to work in the mines, and father and daughter have a fraught confrontation. Not just that: Julieta also discovers that her father has had a lover, an attractive and dangerous mixed woman, for years.

Tired of fighting with his daughter, Don Gonzalo decides to send her to one of his properties in the remote zone of El Salar de Uyuni. There, amid the wild beauty, Julieta will find peace, and with the indigenous people of a nearby village will start a salt mining cooperative. She will learn their customs, their values, their fears, and will also meet Siwar, a handsome indigenous man. At first they will butt heads, but eventually she will fall in love with him.

One day Julieta will receive a visit from her father bringing terrible news: he has married her off and is sending her to Spain to consummate the matrimony. He also reveals that Siwar was working for him and was charged with keeping constant watch over her. Desolate, Julia travels to Madrid, thinking she’s lost El Salar, its people, and especially Siwar forever. But sometimes, when life closes one door, it opens another, and the tenacious Julieta won’t stop until she gets her life back.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-670-5690-7 | Imprint: Espasa

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