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Hasta el infinito y más allá / To infinity and beyond
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Hasta el infinito y más allá / To infinity and beyond


Her name is Math, but everyone calls her Mati, which is less scary. She has two friends: Sal, who is 9 years old and wears glasses, and Ven, his little brother. Both of them are very curious and passionate.

And always pose everyday problems to Mati, which she solves with the magic wand of athematics. Their stories will take our friends to the infinity and beyond. 

There is a lot of math hidden in the pages of this book. Mischevious, mysterious and fun math. Math disguised as stories and adventures.

But I’m sure that you —you look smart— are going to find it...

Do you dare?

Take Mati’s hand, come along with Sal and Ven, and don’t forget to pet Gauss every once in a while, he loves the attention.

Come on, let’s go:
One, two... three!

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A fun way to teach mathematical concepts using the everyday situations of two kids

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Publishing date: | 128 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-2456-2