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Hombres de honor / Men of Honour
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Hombres de honor / Men of Honour


Will everything ever be known about Dani Santana? The former editor of the daily newspaper Crònica now directs an investigations and interviews programme for television. Escaping from one set of problems he finds a whole new set. Tuzza Talese, a temperamental Sicilian who has revealed Mafia secrets appears on his programme and changes his life. A witness of a fire at the Liceu theatre makes an uncomfortable revelation to him that is far removed from the official version of events. And as if that were not enough the indisputable hero of the country, the father of the mayor of Barcelona, has not explained everything about his exile.

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Investigative journalism, power, intrigue, corruption, clandestine sex and action in the new Dani Santana novel.

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Spanish (Destino)

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Publishing date: | 320 pages | ISBN: 978-84-233-2214-5

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