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La berlina de Prim / Prim's Carriage
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La berlina de Prim / Prim's Carriage


September 1873. The First Republic is in its death throes after just nine months of rule. The journalist Patrick Boyd arrives in Spain with a mission: to investigate the murder of his friend General Prim, the President of the Government and the most powerful man in the country, three years before. Patrick, the illegitimate son of a young Andalusian woman and the Irishman Robert Boyd who was shot in Malaga next to Torrijos and fifty comrades, is determined to find out who plotted an assassination that changed the course of Spanish history. His gripping investigation will be based in Madrid but will also take him from Seville to France and end back on Andalusian land on the eve of the military coup that would end the Republican dream for over half a century.

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Publishing date: | 376 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-00766-1