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La canción de la concubina / The Concubine's Song
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La canción de la concubina / The Concubine's Song


Enrique Guzmán, a young lawyer from Madrid, is sent to Manila to prepare a report on under-age prostitution networks. Inevitably, soon after his arrival, the job which had at first been a chore, becomes a crusade. On his journey he will meet characters who will change his fate, from policemen and journalists committed to unmasking the ordeal of human trafficking to despicable pimps making money out of the sacrifice of innocent girls. Meanwhile, Jaume Sanllorente tells the story of the twin sisters, Alma and Teresa, born and raised together in a poor village until, having barely reached puberty, they suffer a cruel fate.

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This is a shocking story which denounces a blight on our society, portraying the men and women who cause and suffer from it, told with flair, wisdom and passion.

Jaume Sanllorente’s previous book, Sonrisas de Bombay, about his experiences in India, sold 40,000 copies.

This is a novel with enormous human interest, both for its dramatic subject (prostitution networks in the Far East) and the prestige of the author.

The author is the founder of the NGO Mumbai Smiles, and has received numerous awards and recognitions for his humanitarian work.

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Publishing date: | 304 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-3680-0