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La caricia de la bestia / The Caress of The Beast
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La caricia de la bestia / The Caress of The Beast


A pair of teenagers are enjoying their first romantic forays in a remote forest when, suddenly, they are brutally attacked by a creature with supernatural strength and a vaguely human appearance. In their statement, they both claimthat the attacker was a zombie. Inspector Laura Tébar is assigned the case. She is a fifty-five year old loner with a brilliant mind, a surly character and an extremely painful past full of mistakes she will never be able to make up for. She is well-respected but hardly well-liked. When we meet her, she has just found herself forced to get rid of her assistant, the only person she ever trusted, Assistant-Inspector Elena Diéguez, who is replaced by David Merino, ‘Cons’, an intuitive, driven young man. They couldn’t be more different and their personalities soon clash. Throughout the novel, the reader will be treated to a tour de force of a struggle between the two characters, who will endure a lot before they grudgingly start to give each other a little respect and assistance.

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Publishing date: | 440 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-5042-4