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Europe's Existential Crisis
Original title: La crisis existencial de Europa
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Europe's Existential Crisis

Original title: La crisis existencial de Europa

Problems of legitimacy have arisen in the building of the European Union. To a large extent, it has been a "top-down" construction with its leaders taking a national rather than a fully European political view. Moreover, even the most enthusiastic Europeanists acknowledge some faults, such as excess bureaucracy or the ambiguous response to Eastern Europe’s imposition of its own rules. And, of course, there is the deterioration of the EU’s reputation caused by its management of the crisis.

But despite this, the EU has time to repair this damage to its reputation. As Molinas and Ramirez Mazarredo say, the Union is like a bicycle: it has to keep moving so as not to fall over and it needs to move in the direction of greater integration. It should not reject its wealth of local, regional and national identities but add to these an ever larger, shared European identity. It should make European institutions more democratic through a greater cession of sovereignty by member states. It should insist on the convergence of the budgetary and economic policies of the member states, especially those who share the euro, and create mechanisms to allow the issuance of debt at a European level. And finally, it should analyze how much solidarity, administered in what way, can realistically be achieved between countries with different realities and very diverse economic and political cultures.

Is the European Union the problem or the solution?

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Publishing date: | 240 pages | ISBN: 978-84-234-2886-1 | Imprint: Deusto