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Las cuatro torres / The Four Towers
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Las cuatro torres / The Four Towers


Juan Torca is a fifty-something former mercenary who moves to Madrid after his final mission. There, he meets Marsé, an old comrade, who offers him a job tracking down the sources of a journalist whose revelations are causing scandals at Mourinho’s Real Madrid. But the night that he is supposed to make his final report to Marsé, his old friend doesn’t turn up. He has been murdered. Security cameras filmed the scene – an apparent attempted car theft – but Torca’s expert eye sees that it was a set-up that went wrong. Torca’s mission then changes: he is determined to find out why Marsé was killed. However, when the protagonist gets hold of a confidential file, events start to spin out of control towards a frenetic and tragic climax.

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Highlights The Four Towers


Pérez’s literary debut, is a hugely satisfying crime novel, an exciting, page-turning thriller.

An ambitious thriller set in the seedy underbelly of the world of football, where the weapons used to gain power are espionage, money, deceit and violence.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-08-13265-3