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Las ranas también se enamoran / Frogs Fall in Love Too
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Las ranas también se enamoran / Frogs Fall in Love Too


Marta is a fun, young single mother who works as a seamstress in the Flamenco fashion studio run by Lola Herrera in Madrid. Her two passions are her daughter Vanesa, whom she adores, and a Honda CBF 600 with which she has a great time.

But Marta’s life will take a sharp, unexpected twist when her boss’s stepson, an English businessman called Philip Martínez, sets out after her and she can’t get away from him.

Even on her motorbike. There’s no doubt about it, fate and a stubborn Englishman have joined forces to change her life, especially her love-life.

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A romantic comedy that reminds us that opposites attract the most.

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Publishing date: | 384 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-16277-3

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