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Me hallará la muerte / Death Will Find Me
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Me hallará la muerte / Death Will Find Me


Madrid, 1942. A young thief is struggling in Retiro park with the man he is trying to mug, things get out of hand and he ends up killing him. Terrified by the implications of what he has done, he decides to get away and enlists in the Blue Division. After being captured by the Soviets, he and another soldier, the son of a wealthy family who enlisted for his ideals, are deported to a gulag, where they suffer extreme punishment for many years.

Whilst the rogue survives, his idealistic friend, who looks surprisingly similar to him, is unable to withstand the subhuman conditions and perishes.

In 1954 the protagonist decides to assume the identity of his wealthy friend.

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A fascinating story of identity theft, secrets and mystery from the masterful pen of Juan Manuel de Prada.

A dark, dangerous and magical journey to 1950s Madrid.

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Éditions du Seuil (France).

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Publishing date: | 592 pages | ISBN: 978-84-233-3921-1

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