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Meretrice / Courtesan
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Meretrice / Courtesan


Alessia is going through a difficult time: her husband has left her for his secretary, her job as a realtor is going badly and her life appears to have lost all meaning. Just as she’s about to give up, she gets a posthumous letter from her grandmother Ornella, whom she never met, in which her relative reveals why she distanced herself from the family: she was obsessed with uncovering an ancient mystery hidden in the diary of an ancestor, Alonza di Pietro, a famous courtesan from the 17th century. Alessia discovers the dark secrets of nobles and men of state and also learns about the courage of a woman who wrested control of her life with wisdom and strength and who tried unsuccessfully to flee from love. With the help of a handsome but enigmatic cryptographer, Luca Vandelli, she will follow the hidden clues and face an unexpected danger: falling in love once more. The life of an ancestor contains the key to uncovering a secret and saving Alessia’s life in the present.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-270-4359-6

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