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Paris Sera Tourjours Paris
Original title: Paris sera toujours Paris
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Paris Sera Tourjours Paris

Original title: Paris sera toujours Paris

The famous Shakespeare and Company bookstore and the members of the lost generation, the daring of the garçonnes, the jazz bands that turned Montmartre into the new Harlem, the surrealist manifestations, slick Kiki of Montparnasse, the bustle of outdoor terraces and cafés...

Through their characters, places and aromas, Màxim Huerta and Maria Herreros offer in this book a highly inspiring walk through the French capital of the twenties, epicenter of culture and fun. With these two talented authors, whose words and illustrations allow us to relive the past, Paris will be a celebration.

A stroll through Paris in the 1920s.

Highlights Paris Sera Tourjours Paris


Painters, musicians, writers, cabarets, nightlife, bohemians, ateliers, neighborhoods... it all can be found in this irresistible book that gathers a sizeable handful of anecdotes that will delight the most curious readers. 


Includes a map with the main icons of Paris. 

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Publishing date: | 224 pages | ISBN: 978-84-16890-82-8 | Imprint: Lunwerg Editores

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