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Sombras de Ningurán / Shadows of Ningurán
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Sombras de Ningurán / Shadows of Ningurán


In November 2011, in Ningurán, a village on the Costa de la Muerte in Galicia, the body of Romualdo García, a construction magnate well-known in the region, is about to be exhumed for DNA testing following a paternity suit filed by a local man, Manuel Antonio Yáñez, who claims to be his son. When the coffin is opened, the body is found to have disappeared. Suspicions fall on the family of the dead man. Reluctant to recognize their potential new member, they see him as a gold digger trying to get a share of the deceased’s substantial inheritance. But Romualdo’s wife and children have nothing to do with it. To understand what has happened one needs to go back eighty years. In the autumn of 1931, Maria Fuentes, a resident of  Ningurán, gave birth to identical twins. The parish priest and doctor tell the mother that one of them has died and hand the baby to a well-off family in Santiago de Compostela…

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In a remote village in Galicia, the ghosts of the past have returned, and they’re here to stay. 

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Publishing date: | 264 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-4592-5