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Una mujer infiel / An Unfaithful Woman
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Una mujer infiel / An Unfaithful Woman


One summer night, Be suffers a brutal attack. While a team of doctors struggles to save her life, Inspector Jorge Driza takes charge of the case. The early stages of the investigation point to the woman’s husband as the culprit. He denies everything. Over the course of several hours, the detective and the husband – the one tormented by shades of infidelity in his own life, the other harboring a hidden secret – will plunge readers into a tour de force that will bring the couple’s past to light.

A past concealing a turbulent love story between two people with a striking notion of what desire is and a peculiar vision of sex and fidelity. A rare relationship that will reach its moving climax with the discovery of Be’s nearly lifeless body. 

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An unsettling thriller about desire, infidelity, and love.

An unforgettable tale about open relationships and polyamor, including infidelity, sex, love, jealousy and betrayal.

True-to-life scenarios, powerful descriptions, and a fluid rhythm are among the novel’s characteristics.

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Publishing date: | 448 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-18261-0

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