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Voltaire Against the Fanatics
Original title: Voltaire contra los fanáticos
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Voltaire Against the Fanatics

Original title: Voltaire contra los fanáticos

“Believe what I believe and what you cannot believe, or you will perish. Believe or I will destroy you. Believe or I will hurt you as much as I can.” This is the dogma of fanaticism as described by Voltaire and continues to be today, two and a half centuries later. According to Savater, Voltaire was the first intellectual, a thinker who never settled for just understanding the world, but who was desperate to change it and who understood better than anyone that a text is a powerful instrument of propaganda. 

Voltaire has always been a bastion against intolerance. No-one has written better or more accurately against the endemic, secular evil we are confronting today. 

Savater is Spain’s best-selling and most internationally-renowned philosopher. He has been translated into Dutch, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Portuguese, Danish, Romanian, Korean, Ukrainian and Catalan.

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Publishing date: | 168 pages | ISBN: 978-84-344-2234-6 | Imprint: Editorial Ariel

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