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Original title: Zero
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Original title: Zero

Zero is timid, insecure, doesn’t talk much and his parents are overprotective. But one day, he falls down a hole and is amazed to find himself in a new, exciting world that will change his life forever. But who is Zero really? Is he a hero or a mere PIRATE? Zero is your life. Zero is your story.

I've always believed that the only way to change the world is to dream about it first. And I've always been a rebel... After imagining the alternate reality, the natural next step is to get to work on making the world more suited to our real needs. Sometimes we forget that there are still mountains left to be climbed, jungles to be explored, seas to be sailed upon, treasures to be found... There is still a frontier that is yet to be conquered so that we can write about it, really write about it; it is the cipher of our deepest, most legitimate aspirations. This is the challenge that is presented to Zero, the protagonist of my story. All the mysteries, doubts and adventures he experiences are a metaphor, showing that change is possible.

Zero is more than just me: We are all Zero.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-08-11016-3 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta