I'm So Cool!
Original title: ¡Cómo molo!

I'm So Cool!

Original title: ¡Cómo molo!

The third book in the series. In this book, Manolito Four-Eyes spends his summer vacations in his neighborhood, Carabanchel, with his family.

Manolito Four-Eyes would love having a village to go to on vacation with his family. While his friends write postcards from exotic destinations like Carcagente or Miranda de Ebro, his neighborhood of Carabanchel (Alto) seems like an abandoned planet. But Manolito won’t take long to realize that appearances can be deceiving. From the adventure in the swimming pool with his grandfather Nicolás, kicking under the covers with the Bozo at Luisa’s house, the Viking girl who shows up from Norway and the new “lifelong friend,” in the end, summer vacation at home is way cooler than it seems at first.

Highlights I'm So Cool!


“A classic of children’s literature… it has captured young people with its laughter and tenderness, and in the same way has charmed many adults, too.” Marta Caballero, El Cultural

“A neighborhood kid with imaginative verbal intelligence.” Ángeles López, La Razón.

“One of the most beloved children of Spanish literature.” Vanity Fair.

Rights sold

AlAhlia (Arabic), Patakis (Greece), Can Sanat Yayinlari (Turkey).

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Publishing date: | 176 pages | ISBN: 978-84-322-1494-3 | Imprint: Seix Barral

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