Original title: Mamá


Original title: Mamá

A tender and kind book about the pregnancy process and the special bond that unites mothers with their future babies: a perfect gift for future moms.

Very suitable also for children who are going to have a little brother/sister and will become older brothers/sisters. A perfect way to satisfy their curiosity and an excuse to talk about everything that is to come.

Pregnancy is a magical process where one of the most special links that exists is created: the one that unites mothers and their future babies.

In Hello Mum, Anna Llenas celebrates this powerful relationship with her unmistakable style. Because being a mother means being home, being light, being water, being music, being fertile land, being change...and being all the first stimuli that future babies will receive month to month.

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A book that celebrates the magic of pregnancy month by month, with the lovely illustrations of Anna Llenas.


A tender and exciting book, a wonderful memory of one of the peak moments in the life of every family.

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Éditions Quatre Fleuves (France), Porto Editora (Portugal).

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Publishing date: | 20 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-23279-7 | Imprint: Timun Mas Infantil

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