Landscapes of the World
Original title: Paisajes del mundo

Landscapes of the World

Original title: Paisajes del mundo

Where do the penguins live? And the giraffes? How many animals live on a coral reef?

Discover the different landscapes of the world: the African Savanna, the Amazon Forest, the coral reefs, the temperate forests, the Arctic, and Antarctica.

A gigantic book (34x45cm!) that will tell you the names of more than a hundred species of plants and animals, and where you will discover their natural habitat.

A book to pick up over and over, to play I spy with, to learn the names of species, to always have at arm’s reach.

A giant book to look at, search through, and learn.

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Discover more than 130 species of animals and plants in different landscapes across the world in a giant book that children can almost literally enter into.


The format is suited to babies, who will be fascinated by its size and illustrations and will naturally assimilate the habitats and species that appear. The book will never expire, and will continue to accompany them as they grow up, playing I spy to learn the names of the animals when they start to read.            


A biologist has overseen the selection of species and the technical details.      

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Publishing date: | 10 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-24711-1 | Imprint: Timun Mas Infantil

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