Simle Even If You Think You Can't
Original title: Sonríe aunque te cueste

Simle Even If You Think You Can't

Original title: Sonríe aunque te cueste

Àngela, a seventeen-year-old girl, looks back over her childhood and tells how her gray years began, when suddenly, from one day to the next, without even knowing why, someone chose her as a target of their mocking, pressure, and insults. Angela tells how she suffered
through this abuse, and how things grew complicated when she was afflicted with bulimia, something that often happens in these cases, with bullying being a common source of eating disorders. Blame, fear, sadness, low self-esteem… Àngela, like all children who suffer bullying, found herself in a hole she thought she could never crawl out of. Here she tells the way she managed to gather the strength to confide in someone who helped her to speak, to point fingers, to ask for help…and she uses simple, clear language to encourage all those who are suffering abuse to deal with their situation.

Highlights Simle Even If You Think You Can't


A brave, engaged, up to date book. A first-person story of bullying.

Àngela’s story shows it is possible to give some color to what was originally gray, and that there is nothing you can’t find your way out of.

An intense but tremendously inspiring and optimistic book in which the author
uses her influence to help thousands of children who are suffering mistreatment in the classroom.

For the first time, one of the most popular Musers among young people dares to talk about the bullying she suffered as a girl.

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Publishing date: | 176 pages | ISBN: 978-84-480-2652-3 | Imprint: Libros Cúpula