Tina Enjoys Eating
Original title: Tina disfruta comiendo
Conchi García

Tina Enjoys Eating

Original title: Tina disfruta comiendo

Conchi García


The perfect book for creating positive experiences with food in the long term

Does your little one ask you for unhealthy food? Do they dislike vegetables or have to follow a specific diet? What healthy options do you offer them for breakfast? And what if they turn their nose up at it? Tina and her family are here to share some solutions for problems like these!

Thanks to recommendations from paediatric nutritionist Conchi García, this book guides families and teaches them how to behave around food in everyday situations, all through the stories of an ordinary 5-year-old girl called Tina. In these five stories, Tina learns to love courgette, that not everyone eats the same (some must avoid certain foods due to diets and intolerances), that taking fruit to school for breakfast can be fun, and that the best time to eat cake is on special occasions when we are sharing it with the people we love.

In these five stories, Conchi García provides some guidelines that will help in getting children to better understand the importance of healthy eating from
a respectful approach, encouraging them to form a good relationship with food from an early age. 

With enjoyable stories and language tailored to young children, little ones will empathise with Tina and learn about nutrition in a fun and entertaining way. This book is perfect for creating positive and happy experiences with food.

In the book you will find…

• Everyday stories that work towards creating a happy relationship with food. Your little one will see themselves reflected in the stories that take place at
school, with friends, or at home.
• Nutritips: tips such as letting children choose the amount they want to eat, not talking about foods as “good” and “bad”, and something that is harder than
it sounds on paper: getting children to distinguish exceptions from the norm.
• A section called “chat with your nutritionist”, where you can find explanations of behaviours that families should follow in order to educate on healthy eating.
• Healthy breakfast ideas for school.

Families, it is important you know that:

• Vegetables are one of the foods that are least accepted throughout infancy, this is normal and to be expected.
• It is normal that at times little ones will ask for unhealthy food.
• Educating children on healthy eating is just as important as allowing them to form a good relationship with food from early childhood.
• These stories have been created to accompany children in their learning of healthy habits in a positive and respectful manner.

Children will see themselves reflected in Tina, a normal girl, and will learn to deal with a variety of everyday situations related to food.

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Publishing date: | 80 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-27056-0 | Imprint: Timun Mas Infantil