You, Me and a Perhaps
Original title: Yo, tú y un quizás

You, Me and a Perhaps

Original title: Yo, tú y un quizás

What if you fell in love with the least suitable person? Would you risk everything for a chance? 

Ren and Jisoo have known each other since childhood and they couldn’t be more different. He has never had it easy and hides his vulnerability behind a carefree appearance. She wants to go out into the world and find love. He hides scars much deeper than those that you find in his skin. She wants to fly
high and fulfill that dream that she does not dare to confess. 

However, when fate puts them to the test, they will discover that the heart knows no rules. Because there are opposites that go well together and feelings that are stronger than the fear of the forbidden. Because love does not know the impossible and, sometimes, it is worth betting everything for a handful of maybes.

With an agile style You, Me and a Perhaps tells us about family bonds and the importance of fighting for your dreams in order to find happiness.

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Publishing date: | 512 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-26005-9 | Imprint: Crossbooks

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