The Path of Fire
Original title: El camino del fuego
Category: Fiction | Thriller & Noir

The Path of Fire

Original title: El camino del fuego
Category: Fiction | Thriller & Noir

Lieutenant Valentina Redondo and her partner, Oliver Gordon, decide to go on a holiday to Scotland, where they visit Oliver’s family. His dad, Arthur Gordon, is determined to retrieve part of the heritage and history of his ancestors, and to that end he has just purchased the Huntly Castle, a mediaeval building resting on the Highlands, which had belonged to his family until the 17th century. Arthur sets off to renovate the building and not only discovers a tiny office in the castle that has been unnoticed for the last two hundred years, but evidence in it revealing that Lord Byron’s memoirs (supposedly burnt in the early 19th century) might still be intact and hidden within their walls. Word of the astounding finding will soon spread, and both the media outlets across the country and several people close to the family will step in to follow up the amusing discovery. However, shortly after that, a suspicious fire breaks on one night and the flames will burn down the tiny office and claim the life of a man. From then on, Valentina and Oliver will be plunged into an unexpected criminal investigation that will take them travelling through the haze and depths of Scotland’s art heritage of the last two centuries.

At the same time, the travel through time will bring us to the mid 19th century, where we will come across the existence of two critical characters: Jules Berlioz, a modest bookseller from the Highlands; and Mary MacLeod, a young lady from a wealthy Scottish family. Both their paths will cross during a literary and forbidden way ominously sprinkled with crimes, doubts, and unnerving silences running up to our present day.

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The mystery and adventure book saga has already hooked over half a million readers and has launched to fame her author, María Oruña, one of the indisputable literary phenomenon of these days.

“The mystery saga starring the Civil Guard Lieutenant Valentina Redondo has become one of the greatest best sellers in Spain.” Xavi Ayén, La Vanguardia

“A domestic noir piece in which the author from Vigo pays tribute to the greatest figures of Great Britain’s Romanticism.” Ágatha de Santos, Faro de Vigo

María Oruña has carefully woven a plot intertwining book collectors, literature enthusiasts and historical artwork diggers, seekers of mythical works, either belonging to our days or to the fascinating mid 19th century. All of them will be caught up in the same great mystery, all asking the same question: what if someone had hidden Lord Byron’s famous forbidden memoirs?

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Publishing date: | 400 pages | ISBN: 978-84-233-6158-8 | Imprint: Ediciones Destino

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