Waiting for Robert Capa
Original title: Esperando a Robert Capa

Waiting for Robert Capa

Original title: Esperando a Robert Capa

Paris, 1935. Writers, painters, poets, and photographers come together in the streets and cafés of the rive gauche, as thousands of Jews flee from the Nazis. Two young Jewish émigrés are among them. She, a German of Polish extraction, is proud, disciplined and daring. He, a Hungarian, is a born survivor who’s trying to find a place in the world of photography. In barely a year, the start of the Spanish civil war will turn them into two of the best photojournalists of all time: Robert Capa and Gerda Taro. Love, war and photography marked their lives. They were young, antifascist, good-looking and wild at heart. They had it all. And they risked all they had. They created their own legend and stuck to their convictions up to the end.

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Sold to 15 languages so far.


Film rights sold to Hollywood's Columbia Pictures.


Winner of the Fernando Lara Award.

‘A moving novel that pays homage to all the journalists and photojournalists who live for their profession.’

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Harpercollins (English World Rights), Audible (USA), Ebersbach & Simon (Germany), Nord (Italy), Heloïsse d’Ormesson (France), Muza (Poland), Materia Prima (Portugal), Európa (Hungary), Record (Brazil), Woongjin Think Big (Korea), Shanghai 99 (Chinese Simplified), Uni-Books (Chinese Complex), Dogan Egmont (Turkey), Fraktura (Croatia) Host (Czech Republic), Atticus (Russia), Lesbok Publishing (Iceland), Animar (Egypt). Film rights: Forward Pass (Michael Mann - Producer-) COLUMBIA PICTURES

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Publishing date: | 240 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-09496-8 | Imprint: Booket

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