The Skull Chair
Original title: La cátedra de la calavera

The Skull Chair

Original title: La cátedra de la calavera

1509. A young woman flees from an arranged marriage dressed as a boy and seeks refuge at the home of the professor Luisa de Medrano. Once in Salamanca, still disguised in men’s clothing, she will meet a knave and a brilliant medical student with whom she will begin an ambiguous, intense friendship. The woman, together with Luisa and the Master of the School, will investigate a series of mysterious murders that have taken place within the university. They will thus be caught up in a murky affair also involving the Inquisition and the Crown. A historical thriller that pays homage to one of Spain’s most important institutions.

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A stupendous historical and adventure novel along the lines of Umberto Eco's In the Name of the Rose.

“Readers are privileged to be able to welcome a new historical novel by Margarita Torres. La cátedra de la calavera is destined to be a success.” JAVIER SERRA

La cátedra de la calavera will touch hearts and help us to dream. It is the work of a great historian.” JULIA NAVARRO

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Newton Compton (Italy), Alnari (Serbia).

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Publishing date: | 416 pages | ISBN: 978-84-8460-873-8 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta