The Dark Room
Original title: La habitación oscura

The Dark Room

Original title: La habitación oscura

A group of young people decides to build a ‘dark room’: a closed, silent space that blocks out all light. What begins as something between a game and a transgression takes on new characteristics as they start to confront maturity.

Over time, social uncertainty and personal vulnerability become part of their lives and the dark room turns into their own shelter. Reality gets gradually inside, while some of them think these are not times to hide but to fight back, even if they could put at risk the rest of the group with their decisions.

The Dark Room is a a portrait of those who confidently believed in the promise of a better future that seems to fade away. We see the rude awakening of a generation that feels defrauded.

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Highlights The Dark Room


A generational novel that depicts the experiences of those who have seen their future cut short by the crisis.

A theme of great social relevance: the uncertainty caused by the crisis that has traumatized an entire generation, and a secondary contemporary issue: video surveillance.

One of the most acclaimed writers of his generation, considered by 'El Cultural' of the El Mundo newspaper to be one of the twelve most important writers in contemporary literature.

“Definitely one of the best novels of the year”, Ricardo Senabre, El Cultural.

“Isaac Rosa has established his position in the top rank of writers with The Dark Room, it’s an excellent metaphor for contemporary Spanish society. (…) This is a writer at the height of his stylistic powers (…) Isaac Rosa’s literature achieves a unique kind of playful consciousness” J. M. Pozuelo Yvancos, ABC cultural.

“Excellent proof that literary fiction continues to be both a valid and exact tool with which to interpret and understand unpleasant realities” Fernando Valls, Babelia.

“An excellent novel” Domingo Ródenas, El Periódico de Catalunya.

“The writing spurs fascination, joyful abandonment and intense reflection. Let us congratulate Isaac Rosa on his great novel” Fernando Aramburu, El Cultural.

“Writers (…) of this quality only come along every now and again” Juan Ángel Juristo, Cuarto Poder.

“A lucid portrayal of his generation” Ana Mendoza, Noticias de Navarra.

“One of the most committed writers in the country” Heraldo de Aragón.

“A necessary novel (…) The room grips you” Sergio Sancor, Libros y Literatura Blog.

“Isaac Rosa. The Dark Room. I recommend it very highly.” Àngels Barceló, Cadena Ser.

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Christian Bourgois (France), Wereldbibliothek (The Netherlands), Homeward Publishing (complex Chinese), Magor Doo Skopje (Macedonia), Open Letter (English digital rights), Liebeskind (Germany).

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Publishing date: | 256 pages | ISBN: 978-84-322-1572-8 | Imprint: Seix Barral

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