Dying under Your Sky
Original title: Morir bajo tu cielo

Dying under Your Sky

Original title: Morir bajo tu cielo

In 1898, a Spanish regiment, the so-called "last of the Philippines", is under siege in the town of Baler, harried by a group of revolutionaries trying to overthrow colonial rule. This historical event is the setting chosen by Juan Manuel de Prada for an extraordinarily well-researched and skilfully written historical novel that features real characters from the period and a gallery of fictional figures who fit perfectly into their world.

Morir bajo tu piel is a story of adventures and epic battles, both physical and intellectual, between entrenched foes.

Juan Manuel de Prada’s literary career: excellent novels that entertain a large audience.

Supported by an extraordinary degree of research and engaging characters, Prada takes us back to a little known period of history that has thus far been generally ignored in contemporary fiction.

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Seuil (France).

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Publishing date: | 752 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-4302-0 | Imprint: Espasa

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