Original title: Nomeolvides


Original title: Nomeolvides

The night that she was announced as a finalist in the Premio Planeta with a novel full of love, passion and adventure in the company of Sébastien, the man she had met on another magical summer’s night, Pilar Eyre took a decision: she wouldn’t give up on her endless quest to win the love of the Frenchman. As fate would have it, they would meet again and try to re-stoke the fires, but a surprising twist will write a new page in their story of love.

Writing in the same vein as You Are My Favourite Colour Pilar bares her soul to the reader once more to produce another bewitching, funny, endearing and devastatingly human novel. Her experiences after becoming a finalist in the Premio Planeta, her love for Sébastien, her odd friendships and family and all her attempts to find the elixir of eternal youth are masterfully portrayed in Forget-me-not, a novel that is as genuine and true as the author herself.  

After the major success of her novel You are My Favourite Colour, which was a finalist for the Premio Planeta 2014, and is still featured on bestseller lists a year after its publication winning over readers and critics alike, Pilar Eyre returns with the long-awaited sequel: Forget-me-not.   

Option publishers

Planeta Manuscrito (Portugal), Casa Cartii de Stiinta (Romania).

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Publishing date: | 320 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-14586-8 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta

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