Oxford 7
Original title: Oxford 7

Oxford 7

Original title: Oxford 7

Spring 2089: on the Oxford 7 campus, Sirhan Palaiopoulos a professor of Pre-computer Cinematography, is plotting something along with his most dedicated students. Dean Deckard tries to manage the situation from his office in Huxley tower whilst the anti-disturbance brigades are deployed below. However, with the help of Rick Blaine, an old space hand and smuggler of Burley tobacco (grown in real soil!), the intrepid students manage to escape the space station and make their way to Earth. But they have no idea of the dangers they face at the end of their journey; to the heart of an apocalyptic Barcelona just after the Storming of Boqueria Market.

Highlights Oxford 7


An extremely funny novel, utterly absorbing.

Tusset shows masterful talent at dialogue, characterization and the creation of a future world that constantly alludes to the present.

This time, in a new twist, he surprises us with a science fiction adventure filled with the author’s characteristic humour, engaging characters, gripping atmosphere, and bursts of political incorrectness.

Rights sold

Opera (Greece), FVA (Germany).

Option publishers

Sammako (Finland), Signatuur (The Netherlands), Dom Quixote (Portugal), Humanitas (Romania).

International editions

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Publishing date: | 272 pages | ISBN: 978-84-233-4436-9 | Imprint: Ediciones Destino

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