Black Bread
Original title: Pan negro

Black Bread

Original title: Pan negro

A mix of memory and fiction and a combination of different genres, Pan negro is based around the life of Andreu during the toughest days of the Spanish post-war in Vic (Barcelona). Despite living in a climate of fear, Andreu’s life will be full of feelings and discoveries. There he will discover the mysterious world of adults, the intuitions of the elderly and he will take his fi rst tentative steps into the world of sexuality. It is also a time of friendships, hanging off the branches, of black bread. In time of war and post-war all feelings are worn on the skin, and stripped to their essence: all or nothing, because there is almost nothing to lose. Love, hate, passion, hatred, vengeance and hypocrisy, humiliation…

Emili Teixidor manages to transport us to a world of religious and political turmoil recreating the atmosphere of rural, post war Catalonia with a vivid and rich language that is full of different shades, and with a complete control of the narrative tension.

This story becomes a metaphor for a country that assimilates and accepts defeat passively, celebrating a victory that does not belong to it. It also provides an important lesson: with more love comes more danger.

The film version of Pan negro won 9 Goya Awards with 14 nominations.

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Kastaniotis (Greece), Karakter Uitgevers (The Netherlands), Meteor Press (Romania).

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Publishing date: | 432 pages | ISBN: 978-84-322-5064-4 | Imprint: Booket

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