Put Yourself In My Skin
Original title: Ponte en mi piel

Put Yourself In My Skin

Original title: Ponte en mi piel

1537, island of Tenerife. A group of women, singing ancient songs, form a circle around a young woman in labor. Their screams echo throughout the valley. Suddenly, there is silence. And one last heartbreaking cry...Among the blankets that should have covered a baby, what looks like a small hand covered with hair appears. Petrus Gonsalvus, a Guanche king, was born. And this is his story...

Rejected by his people, who consider him a demonic being, Petrus ends up at the court of Henry II of France and Catherine de Medici, where he arrives as a gift for the king. There they treat him as a simple pet for real amusement. However, the monarch sees in him the brilliance of an awakened intelligence and sensitive, and decides to take him under his protection.

Petrus then meets Diana, the king's bastard daughter, who will become his friend, accomplice and confidant. The two will learn strategies to survive in court and will fight to find their place in that world that marginalizes them. But one day, Catherine, a beautiful lady-in-waiting of the queen, is chosen to be his wife and Petrus will be forced then to make a difficult decision...

If you think that there is nothing more moving than the tale of Beauty and the Beast, it is because you still do not know the real story.

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Alexandra Kiadó (Hungary), RAO (Romania).

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Publishing date: | 496 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-5897-0 | Imprint: Booket

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