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Why Cities Cry
Original title: Por qué lloran las ciudades
Category: Fiction | General Fiction
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Why Cities Cry

Original title: Por qué lloran las ciudades
Category: Fiction | General Fiction

Ada is a Spanish girl, twenty-eight years old, who lives in Copenhagen. She left Madrid years ago fleeing her life and her family there. She leads a normal life with her girlfriend Nadine and her dog Clara, but she feels permanently unsettled and has to take Lexatin to face her day-to-day life. Her two refuges are writing and her friendship with Denis, her best friend and soul mate from childhood. Gay like her, he is the perfect accomplice: he writes, like her, and he too left Spain, where he lived with his aunt after being abandoned by his parents, for Japan.

The novel begins with Ada forced to fly to Japan to bury Denis, who has committed suicide. Consumed by bottomless grief, Ada travels through a country unknown and ungraspable for her, trying to understand Denis’s reasons for killing himself. While there, Ada will discover secrets, not only about Denis, but about herself, and will learn the lesson her friend taught her: to save a life, you must learn what makes the cities cry. 

Why Cities Cry is a novel of feelings, a poetic narrative about lovelessness, about accepting oneself, about the fear of disappointing expectations and the frustration of not achieving happiness when we think that should be our life’s goal.

A novel for the nineties generation.

Highlights Why Cities Cry


“There is nothing more fragile than a human being who is loved.”

“This is how I imagine the lovers, Hiro and Denis, saying goodbye, with all the suffering of a city filled with injustice. You have to know why cities cry to know how lovers cry.”

“All my life, I’ve been in conflict with myself, assuming I was a more tormented person, a sadder person than everyone else. And even today I am surprised to find myself hating myself for that reason: because I am not as happy as society tells me to be.”

“Fuck you, whore, my head says to me. That’s the usual tone my brain takes with me. I’m used to it, so I feel pleasure in those words, even relief.”

Ada wants to disappear, “to change my life, for people not to have enough hours in the day to remember me.”

“Finally, I have managed to understand why cities cry when they’ve been mistreated and rise back up. They cry from love, Ada.”



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Publishing date: | 160 pages | ISBN: 978-84-9998-712-5 | Imprint: Temas de Hoy