Original title: Ronin


Original title: Ronin

1600 Anno Domini. In Japan, a seemingly endless civil war is raging. Feudal lords exchange alliances and betrayals in a game of strategy whose ultimate purpose is to achieve complete dominion over the country of the Gods.

The Fushimi fortress is about to fall and the Samurai Saigō Hayabusa is prepared to commit seppuku without revealing a hint of pain. However, the mission his lord has in mind for him will require a far greater sacrifice than death.

The Spanish crown is at the height of its expansionist ambitions, but Philip the 3rd, a weak, hedonistic king, has left the court in the hands of the Duke of Lerma, whose corruption and nepotism is harming the country and shaking the foundations of the empire. Dámaso Hernández de Castro, a veteran of the Flanders campaigns, is preparing to go to the East Indies to serve the Judge of the Court of Manila. He will have to overcome his lowly status if he is to win the hand of his beloved, the menina Constanza de Accioli. Soon he will discover that what he thought was an opportunity is actually a trap. A chance meeting between Saigō and Dámaso will entwine their lives forever.

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A novel about the incredible Samurai expedition to Spain.

Ronin is based on real events: a Japanese emperor trying to establish commercial ties with the great world power of the Seventeenth Century, Spain, by sending a delegation of Samurais to Spain.

A novel filled with exciting adventures in exotic settings: the Philippines in the colonial period, Acapulco, Veracruz, Madrid, Seville and, of course, Japan.

“Francisco Narla is a matchless writer, the kind one only finds a few times in a lifetime. He is destined for great things.” Xurxo Fernández, El Correo Gallego.

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Publishing date: | 864 pages | ISBN: 978-84-9998-364-6 | Imprint: Ediciones Martínez Roca

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