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Do You Know That I Love You?
Original title: ¿Sabes que te quiero? (Trilogía Canciones para Paula 2)
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Do You Know That I Love You?

Original title: ¿Sabes que te quiero? (Trilogía Canciones para Paula 2)

Do you know that I love you? is the sequel to Songs for Paula. It features new romantic entanglements and misadventures along with an unforgivable mistake committed by the protagonist in the ‘city of love’. But not everything revolves around Paula, the rest of ‘the Sugus’ will have a bigger role in this novel, which is packed full of lies, betrayals and the really serious problems of teenage life.

The school year is over and the Sugus are enjoying their holidays. Their first weekend of freedom. These last three months haven’t been easy for Paula. Angel and Alex are no longer a part of her life. Has she forgotten about them? What happened in France has led to a succession of doubts, feelings and conflicting sensations. Meanwhile, Mario has started to go out with Diana, Miriam is in a relationship and Cris may be fixated on the wrong person. The Ferrari boy seems to have it all worked out, will he be successful? These new characters and plots will keep you gripped right up to the end.   

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Publishing date: | 704 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-16163-9 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta

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