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Old Shadows
Original title: Sombras viejas
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Old Shadows

Original title: Sombras viejas

In the Barcelona of the ‘30s, Paulina, a beautiful young girl from a poor family, goes to work in the house of the wealthy Ismael Leonardo, as a companion to his wayward daughter Nora. There, Paulina meets Enrique Moriel, a penniless young man full of dreams who is working as Nora’s instructor in return for Leonardo paying for his studies. The growing attraction between Paulina and Enrique becomes evident during their intimate walks and conversations, and soon grows into a passionate and tender relationship. However, Paulina’s unconditional love comes into conflict with Moriel’s complex personality and the call to take up the ideological struggle in these troubled times becomes an obstacle to their relationship. This story, full of the great hopes and anxieties that pushed society towards one of its greatest conflicts, is woven with the passions and dreams of two young people who struggle to overcome the pessimism of the time and to embrace their destinies.

Sombras viejas is, above all, a study of the reach of love and the limits of disappointment. A fascinating literary discovery and an unforgettable read.

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Publishing date: | 472 pages | ISBN: 978-84-233-3972-3 | Imprint: Ediciones Destino

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