All This Fire
Original title: Todo ese fuego

All This Fire

Original title: Todo ese fuego

16 July, 1846. In the parochial house of the small British town ofHaworth, the three daughters of the pastor are starting on the first chores of the day as they wait expectantly for the afternoon, when they will be able to sit together and secretly write the novels they’re dying to publish. They are the Brontë sisters: three single, thirty-something women who since childhood have turned to literature to escape from family tragedies, poverty and isolation.

During that summer, Charlottewrites Jane Eyre, Emily works on Wuthering Heights, and Anne focuses on Agnes Grey. Unaware of the extraordinary destiny that awaits their literature, they pour their dreams, frustrations and hidden passions into their writing, transforming that dark, unremarkable house haunted by the early deaths of many of its inhabitants into a beacon of light. 

Three brave writers: a man’s world, a secret passion. A story full of drama, love and sensitivity. 

Although it is a historical novel, the subject matter will strike chords with modern readers as, in spite of the passing of time, characters and readers experience the same conflicts.  

An intense, beautiful treatise in favour of working, talented, creative women. 

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Publishing date: | 256 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-14616-2 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta

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